What You Can Do With Friend Convert

With Friend Convert, you can automatically build your friend’s list with the right people, so you can grow an engaged audience and connect with them on a much deeper level.

Save Time When Adding Friends On Facebook

Manually adding friends on Facebook can be time-wasting; sometimes, annoying. Friend Convert saves your time because it allows you to send out multiple friend requests simultaneously.

So instead of sitting at your computer all day clicking the “add friend” button for hours, all you have to do is activate this extension and let it do the tedious work for you.

Auto-Add Friends From Any Facebook Group

The only way to get more engagement on Facebook is when people interact with your posts. Friend Convert lets you auto-add members of the groups you belong to as your friends.

And since you’re on the same group because you share similar interests, they’ll naturally engage with your posts once they appear on their respective timelines.

Make Viral Posts Through Targeted Engagement

Flashback to days when you pour your heart and soul into writing Facebook posts you consider perfect only to get far less engagement. Frustrating, right?

With Friend Convert, you can now write viral posts that get tons of engagements because only the right set of people are engaging with it.

Add Friends Based On Your Desired Keywords

If you desire to engage more with a certain category of people, say CEOs, Founders, Marketing Executives etc, all you need to do is plug in these keywords in the space provided.

Friend Convert will ONLY send your friend requests to anyone with a matching profile based on these keywords. So you can write your posts with these people in mind and rest assured that you’d get adequate engagement.

Auto-Delete Pending Friend Requests

Tired of cancelling friend requests manually because they don’t match your profile or interest? Now, you can auto-delete these pending requests with ease.

Friend Convert allows you to manage your profile effectively, thus keeping your friend’s list clean and making room for new friends.

Get started here.

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